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John Kattke (a.k.a. Brother John) is one of the most talented and versatile musicians on the Chicago music scene today. Performing double duty on both guitar and keyboards, Brother John has been a vital musical component behind some of the blues’ most lauded musicians, including Buddy Guy, Otis Rush & Koko Taylor.


Brother John has been a resident musician at Buddy Guy’s Legends in Chicago for 30 years.  He has played with Eric Clapton, Steve Miller, the Black Crowes, and acquired ringing endorsements from many other musicians of renown. For example: Led Zeppelin vocalist Robert Plant had seen John play with Otis Rush at the Jazz Café in London. When Plant and Kattke met in person at the United Center in Chicago, Plant told Kattke: “You play a mean guitar!” George Benson came to the jam session that Kattke hosts at Buddy Guy’s Legends in Chicago. After hearing the opening set that John played with his band, Benson told him: “You’re fearless! I thought I was fearless! You’re fearless!”

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