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Vino Louden, born in the small town of Hayti, Missouri travelled to Chicago, IL at an early age with his mother. By the time he was an adolescent Calvin was completely smitten by the Blues. After High School, Vino played many of the Blues clubs Chicago had to offer at the time: The High Chaparral, The Grand Ballroom, & The Skyway Lounge to name a few. Working with various acts such as Roscoe Jackson, Mighty Joe Young, & Machine Company allowed Vino to develop his undeniable stage presence. Soon thereafter, Blues Icon ‘Soulman' Otis Clay took Vino under his wing to his first ventures playing the Blues around the world. During a gig Vino had with Otis at The Kingston Mines, Blues Legend Koko Taylor came to check out Vino live after having seen footage of him working with Otis Clay. She approached him afterward & offered him a spot in her band.


Vino became Koko’s final band leader & musical director for her ‘Blues Machine’. Together Vino & Koko traveled the world several times over for 18+ years . As of late, besides doing the occasional international dates in Mexico, Brazil, France, Argentina, & Japan, Vino has been keeping busy fronting his own ensemble, ‘The Vino Louden Band’. Not only does Vino play Acoustic Guitar sets by himself, but he continues to play in Church, play Blues clubs throughout the local Chicago Blues circuit, and has been working on an official LP release.

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