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594 Miles From Chicago: Boogie Chillen
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Over the past couple of years being in the blues community, I have heard so many stories and memories from blues players in Chicago. Most of these stories are untold to the public eye. Archived and put away in the back of their minds. We are loosing musicians who never got the chance to tell their story and we are gaining new players in the blues community that are striving to tell us theirs. I want to help get these stories across to everyone. We haven't seen a recent blues documentary, nor is a light shown on them. We are about am to help change that. These stories are waiting to be told. We have partnered with some very talented people to help get the process started (Vicky Guy & Greg Guy). We are looking for your help. If you love the blues, care about preserving a part of history or just want to be part of something and to give Chicago Blues Musicians a voice to be heard. Please support the making of a documentary called 594 Miles From Chicago.

Where the name "594 Miles From Chicago" came from:

It all started 594 Miles From Chicago (southern city limits), at the crossroads in Clarksdale, MS, where Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil to play the blues. Chicago has been the resting place for the blues ever since. Artists would migrate north to the city from the south. Today, there are so many stories to be heard from the artists who are living the blues in Chicago. Their stories tie the distance together and help keep the blues alive. We want to capture and archive their stories for generations to come.

Welcome 594 Miles From Chicago..

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