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They say he was born into the blues. Born in Chicago, Illinois on March 5h, 2001 as Nicholas Alexander. He started learning how to play guitar from his father. With no formal lessons, his skills prove to many that they are not required. His dad, Linsey Alexander, who is a legendary blues musician, has played with many in the blues industry. This has given Nick the inspiration to play the blues himself. 


In 2012 Nick walked on stage at the legendary Kingston Mines. Stepping in with his father who has a residency there every Sunday. He has played with legendary artists like; Buddy Guy, Miles Minor, Carl Weathersby, Brain Jones, Rick Hall, Corey Dennison, Jamiah Rodgers, Marty Sammon, Magic Slim Rhythm Section, Andrew Howard, John Macdonald, and Many More! This gave Nick Alexander the idea to create his own band. Playing blues covers from his favorite artists like Albert King, Buddy Guy, Muddy Waters, Freddie King, Jimmy Reed, and Jimmy Rodgers.


His high energy and creative spirit always gets the crowds attention. Whether it is walking around the venue playing guitar with his teeth, or singing to the audience as they engage in the excitement! Nick has a talented and unique voice as well as amazing guitar skills that he lets out on the stage, add to that his five-piece powerhouse band you understand why he is so sought after.

Nick has released his first self-titled album, Lil Hooch, off of Bluesbird Talent Agency LLC. It is an Incredible album full of music that will make you dance, relax, and vibe out to. He is really carrying on the legacy of his Father.

Below are the sites you can go to for his music:

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