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It is well known that culture influences music


Whether you realize it or not, the blues is the foundation of nearly all the most popular styles of music listened to today. The blues isn’t just about the blues . . . Jazz, Rock, Country, Soul, R&B, Funk, and even SKA all descended from, developed out of, or were influenced by the blues. The blues has served as the backbone of all these styles and probably for many styles yet to come. The musical genre known as the blues is difficult to define, but you know it when you hear it: a simple chord progression, a deep bass line, and lyrics that evoke wisdom, sadness, and resignation. 


Bluesbird Talent Agency is a Independent Blues Record Label focusing on Recording, Producing, Mixing/Mastering, and Publishing Albums. As well as Artist Management. Using the Relationships I have created in the music industry already to better push musicians to the highest ability.

We already have an incredible head start with Nicholas Alexander Blues Band's New album, Lil Hoochie, that was released under Bluesbird. As well as Marty Sammons new Music that will be coming soon, that is being mixed at Abbey Road Studios in London by Sage and I.

I am not going to be taking in any musician requests at this time. I feel like It should be an organic relationship between a label and an artist, not a searching and signing type of thing.. As much as I would want to help everyone, as it is in my nature, I need to really work on individual artists crafts when I am on or off the road with Buddy Guy or Kingfish.

We are also still doing production (594 MFC) as that is being finished here shortly since we are going to be hiring a full time editor for the film.

I am happy to say that I am adding Fil Kinetic and Sage Anthony Plakosh to my crew, as they have been working along side me for quite some time on other various projects. So we all will be working together to help push our minds to the best of its ability.

That being said, thank you to everyone who has been on this ride with us.. It has been a journey, but the road doesn't stop here.

My passion is the blues, connecting artists with blues lovers or introducing new lovers to the blues communities and traditions that produced blues a century ago and are still producing a wealth of new music. From small neighborhood clubs to stadium stages—and the virtual stages of the Internet—the cultural heirs of Robert Johnson, BB King, and Muddy Waters are reaching larger, more diverse audiences than ever before.  These artists legacy are the foundation of a new breed of blues players who are creating a lot of exciting music, and if we want to make a case for the continuing power and importance of blues, that’s a good place to start. Come look at these great artists and share in their passion. 


Thanks again for all your support.

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